Shared Office Space Sandyford Dublin Coworkinn

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Shared Office Space Sandyford Dublin Coworkinn

Coworking at Coworkinn

The strength of a team for people who work independently.


Membership from €30+vat monthly

Coworkinn is a community of like minded professionals. We've all worked from home, or from a table in a coffee shop.  We know that this can be isolating and, let's face it, boring! If you've grown tired of working alone and would like to become a member of our community we'd love to meet you.

"I have been up at Coworkinn for a few months now, and really enjoy it. I love the flexibility of it, and the atmosphere. It is great to be surrounded by other business owners knowing we can all help each other." Barbara Monohan, Cube Design



Work with Interesting People

Coworkinn enables you to work alongside great people in a collaborative, shared, energising environment. People who are coworking share resources (office, desk, internet) with other people.  This is attractive if you are a homeworker or independent professional who often finds themselves working in isolation.

At Coworkinn you will find web-designers, accountants, architects, writers, book-keepers, graphic designers and more. This variety leads to collaboration and synergy which translates into productivity.



Interesting Things Happen


" If we are around interesting people, interesting things usually happen." Chris Messina - Citizen Space, San Francisco


Call us on (01) 901 0440

IMI Business Campus
Dublin 16



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