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Membership at Coworkinn

We've grown over the past four years into a community of solo-workers who work alongside, respect and support each other.  

I can see a real improvement in my work since I work at Coworkinn and can only recommend it to everyone that misses the social aspect of having colleagues and the mindset of leaving home for work.
— Petra Bangemann, bang-on webdesign

Share everything

From the internet to the coffee to the printers to the meeting rooms, everything in the space is shared by everyone.

Tea and Coffee

Have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.  Learn something new, be exposed to new ideas.

Get feedback

Launching something new?  Need some information? Run it past a colleague. 

Sign up or cancel anytime

You can change your membership status to suit the way you work.  You are only committed to one month at a time.