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Coworking - Shared Office Space Dundrum

"Being there on just the days that suit me allows me to network with other entrepreneurs and not be tied to long term rental leases."Killian Halpin

Coworkinn is about coworking.This is not just rent-a-desk.  The coworkinn space is built on established coworking values:

it's about Community:  Coworkinn is a vibrant community of like minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

It's about Networking: Coworkinn provides a network among members and associates that expends to other coworking organisations and networking groups.

It's about Collaboration: Coworkinn hosts people from many disciplines with varied backgrounds.  A fertile ground for idea generation and co-operation.

It's about Accessibility: Coworkinn is fully accessible whether you require Full time, part time or seasonal space. And it's affordable!

It's about Openness: Collabotarion, not competition.


Shared Office Space at Coworkinn


Coworkinn Space

Coworking spaces like New Work City and Citizen Space have been established some years now.  In the past years more than 150 Coworking spaces have been established across Europe in Dublin, London, Paris, Brussels Warsaw, Lisbon, Riga and many more.

There is a steady growth in the number of coworking entrepreneurs, freelancers and teleworkers.

Coworking is not just about a  physical space; it's about a community of people building dynamic networks. Coworking is injecting a new enterpreneurial, innovative an sustainable energy into the Irish and European economies.

Some facts about Coworking in Europe

(Source: Coworking Europe 2010 Survey)

The number of home based businesses has risen by by 22% since 2001.

The number of Cowroking spaces in Europe has grown from 20 to 150 in the past two years.

Most coworking space users are entrenpreneurs or freelance workers. Some are teleworkers.

87% of coworkers have started new projects with other coworkers.

Coworking spaces are also used by large companies to offer employees an alternative workspace.

The flexibility of coworking spaces facilitates entrepreneurs who need to work part time.

The average age of a coworking space user is 30-40.  However there are also a number of graduates and retirees using spaces.



What does Coworkinn bring to your business?

Be more productive. You just can't help it.  Working alongside other people who are focused on their work helps you be more productive.

No lease, no commitment. You just pay month to month.

Low cost. Sharing resources reduces the cost for all.

Green. Reduced commuting and sharing resources.

Make contacts. Working alongside a group of professionals you have unique access to each other. Work in a spirit of collaboration, not competition.

Make friends. Working alongside people in a coworking space is very conducive to making friends.

Get help. Do you need to find out if you should register for VAT? Or whether Joomla or WordPress is better for your project?  Just ask the accountant or web developer sitting in the same room.

Collaborate.Coworkers often team up for projects. This means that work you might not have been able to bid for suddenly is a real possibility.

Flexible space. As you grow you can expand easily withing the coworking space. Similarly if you need to shrink a little you can reduce space.

Access to meeting rooms/training space. Reasonable use of meeting rooms is free (booking necessary).  Training space is available at low cost.

Impress clients. Meet your clients at your coworking space. They will see that you work in a leading edge, innovative environment.

Share contacts. Need an introduction to a new contact? Chances are somebody in the workspace knows them and can introduce you.

Receive promotion. We will list you on our specialist pages. You can arrange for links on other coworkers websites.

Great spot for company events. Product launch, book launch, meetings, workshops.  You've got the space and resources for all of these.




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"Being there on just the days that suit me allows me to network with other entrepreneurs and not be tied to long term rental leases." Killian Halpin





"I have been up at Coworkinn for a few months now, and really enjoy it. I love the flexibility of it, and the atmosphere. It is great to be surrounded by other business owners knowing we can all help each other." Barbara Monohan, Cube Design

“I found the lovely office environment very motivating and I achieved more in one morning that I had in a day at the home office!” Heather Randall,

"I can see a real improvement in my work since I work at coworkinn and can only recommend it to everyone that misses the social aspect of having colleagues and the mindset of leaving home for work." Petra Bangemann, bang-on webdesign