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How much is does a membership cost?

There are two membership types - DEDICATED and DROP-IN.   Dedicated means that you have your own desk and some storage.  If you don't need this then there is the Drop-In membership - drop in for up to 15 days during the month and grab whichever desks are free.  See our Pricing Page.    

I'm not a member, can I drop in?

Strictly by arrangement and in exceptional cases. A one-off charge of €60+vat payable in advance would apply.

Can I use Coworkinn as my business address?

Subject to approval MEMBERS, DEDICATED users and DROP-IN user may use our address.  For a small fee we will also scan or forward mail to you.

CAN I make phone calls from my desk?

Of course, it's an office!   However be aware of other people; Coworking spaces really aren't suitable for high volume cold-calling or similar activities, but we all have to make and receive calls at work. In general we encourage heavier phone users to work downstairs and less phone dependent people upstairs.  For conference, confidential or Skype calls you can book the meeting room or find a quiet spot around the office.

My business has more than one person, all working different days

Just work out what each person needs (MEMBER, DEDICATED or DROP-IN).  Total them up and apply a 5% discount to the lot. 

I never know from one month to the next how many days I'll need

Most people don't know how often they will be physically using Coworkinn from week to week.  But that's not important, what is important is that the space and the community are there for you whenever you need it. 

Can I bring my own stuff?

Not really!   We already have lots of furniture and you can imagine how packed the place would be if everyone brought their own desk, chair, printer, cupboards, cups, plates, etc, etc.  However, within reason, and if practical,  we can cater for a small amount of personal stuff.  A small charge is applied for extra space where appropriate and where available.  

Other questions....

Send us your questions and we'll include them on this FAQ page...